Fear of flying help using hypnotherapy in London
Help to cure fear of flying with Hypnotherapy in London

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Help to cure your flying phobia with Hypnotherapy In London

  • You are sitting on a plane relaxed and looking forward to your journey
  • You can think of flying and you feel calm about the whole experience
  • The thought of turbulence seems something you can handle
  • Putting an old memory of flying in the past...where it belongs
  • Remembering the times when flying was a bit of an adventure..a childhood dream

  • It is possible to sit comfortably in a chair...anywhere
  • You probably have some happy flying memories
  • It is not really the plane that is making you nervous
  • That you have ability to relax even on a plane

  • You are ready to put this phobia behind you

    Hypnotherapy and NLP
    In my experience, clients use these techniques in the session and very often leave their phobia behind.
    They focus on the idea that they can feel more comfortable about the whole idea of flying.

    How long? How much?
    It usually takes about 3 to 5 sessions, please check the Special Offers page for special offers and discounts.