A Fear of being sick,known as emetophobia,can be helped with hypnotherapy in London UK,
Fear Of Being Sick (Emetophobia) Treatment In London

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Treatment to cure a fear of being sick and throwing up

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  • You can go to a restaurant feeling confident with your fear of vomiting a distant memory
  • Watching others eat and enjoying your meal in peace with all your panic attack symptoms faded away
  • Forgetting about the whole issue of sickness so you can get on with things and feel you can go out in public with confidence
  • Being in a public place confident you will not be bothered by your thoughts or feelings as if your emetophobia never existed.

  • It is possible to feel calm in your own body, to feel you can control your anxiety and just know you won't throw up.
  • You are ready to let go of this fear and worry to put the whole issue of vomit and phobias behind you.
  • You have more control than you might think about what happens in your body. That you can get treatment for your vomit phobia
  • It is not really the environment that makes you feel like puking, it is a habit that you can break free from.

  • You are ready and able to let go of this fear

    Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness
    In my experience, clients use hypnotherapy and Mindfulness successfully to treat all fears of vomiting and throwing up and very often leave the old anxiety behind.
    Building confidence over what you can control often leads to a cessation of the symptoms.

    How long? How much?
    It usually takes about 3 to 5 sessions, please check the Special Offers page for discounts.

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