This is the FAQ page. Hopefully it answers some of your questions about what Hypnotherapy can and cannot do
Popular questions

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What happens in the first session?

After having taken some background information we quickly get down to the task of finding the unhelpful ways of thinking and install a more useful mindset. We usually concentrate on the 'here and now' and rarely feel the need to look too deeply into the past for insights. Having discussed any questions about hypnosis we often do some hypnosis and begin the process of putting you in control of how you feel emotionally and physically.

What happens in further sessions?

Often the first session has got the ball rolling and we build on the positive changes in subsequent sessions. The relaxing effect of hypnosis often increases with repetition as we fine tune your ability to feel calmer and more in control of your thoughts and actions.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is not an unconscious state. It is not being asleep or unaware of what you are doing.
In fact Hypnosis is not most of the things that it is famous for!

Hypnosis is a state where a person has been invited to focus their attention on a thought or feeling which often leads to a feeling of deep relaxation and comfort. Watching an absorbing film or day-dreaming are two examples of our everyday experience of hypnosis, where we drift to a different state of consciousness. The hypnotherapist then invites you to go 'deeper' but it is still essentially 'daydreaming' or 'relaxing'

Are you a New Age therapist? I dont believe in 'past lives' or mysterious energy fields.Why make things more complicated? I say keep things simple and believable. Weed out the ways of thinking that are holding you back and learn some new skills in how to keep relaxed and calm.

What does hypnosis feel like?
There is not one specific feeling as it varies depending on you and what you are thinking about.You continue to hear all that is going on around you and are fully aware of your situation. Sometimes it can seem like 'just relaxing' and othetimes a deeper experience on a physical or emotional level. You keep your mind but your awareness changes in a relaxed way.

Can I be hypnotised against my will?
No! The client has to be a willing participant in the process.

Can you make me dance around like a chicken?
Well - only if you want to - remember that the stage hypnotist has an audience who are begging to get up on stage and perform.

Am I being controlled?
No. You are in control and aware of all that is being said and you are able to end the session at any point.

Could I get 'lost in space'?
No. In the same way that an absorbing book does not prevent you from putting it down.

What is NLP?
NLP stands for neuro-linguistic-proramming. NLP invites the client to look at the way they approach their problem find creative ways to seek a solution. In other words if they can "do" the problem then surely then can "undo" the problem.