Information on Public speaking courses and presentation skills in London. Learn how to cope with anxiety and performance nerves.
Overcome A Fear Of Public Speaking With Hypnotherapy In London

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Learn how to overcome your public speaking fear and anxiety

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  • Giving a talk or presentation with a clear confident voice, free from anxiety and fear
  • Expressing yourself with energy, your body calm and relaxed with no trace of your old panic attacks
  • Putting yourself in the spotlight with just a hint of nerves and a buzz of excitement
  • Not being held back by your fear of public speaking
  • Speaking clearly and sharing information in a confident and relaxed manner

  • You can overcome your anxiety, learn with a simple course that improves your communication skills
  • Public speaking is about skills training and learning how to focus in order to reduce panic and fear.
  • You can learn the skills needed to rid yourself of a fear of public speaking
  • Patterns of behaviour are not set in stone
  • Some people appear naturally confident but only because they have learnt how to be so

  • You are ready to feel more confident, to change, to get what you want. Remember this is only a decision

    Do it yourself or get some help
  • Some people change all by themselves. others get help.
  • It is natural to seek help and support, it makes you stronger not weaker

    Faking It
    Channel 4 has used my services for the new series of Faking It. I am filmed giving a confidence boosting session for a solicitor training to be a rap singer. I am also used to help a 999 operator become a live TV director

  • In my experience clients use hypnotherapy and hypnosis successfully and find out it is safe and comfortable to be more confident, to express themselves, to be themselves.

    Try this article in the Huffington Post about how to overcome a public speaking phobia. Huffington Post Article

    How long? How much?
  • Clients usually use 3 to 5 sessions, working one to one in Harley St London.
  • If getting to London is not possible try a Skype session, people from around the world use my services
  • Please take advantage of the Special Offers page to get the best package for you.

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